Grow Workshop | GROW 2.0
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GROW 2.0

GROW 2.0


Do you feel confident photographing at golden hour? Sure you do. How about in open shaded areas. Yep! Outside when there is plenty of light? Probably yes to that also.


Well what happens when the sun goes down and there is still a gorgeous sky? How about inside in dimly lit areas? What happens if it’s raining and your forced to shoot inside? Do you wish your portraits had some pop? Are you jealous of the exciting dance floor shots? Do you want your details to stand out and less ordinary?


Well if you answered yes to the last paragraph, and find yourself intimidated by speedlites, strobes and modifiers, then GROW 2.0 is perfect for you. Don’t let the available light dictate what your photos look like, you be the BOSS. If you want to add a whole other dynamic to your repertoire then this class is for you.


    • Awesome FOOD!
    • COFFEE…Lots of COFFEE
    • Models to practice what you’ve learned
    • A fun filled day and a half with people just like you
    • One on one as well as Group teaching
    • Lots of hands own practice
    • Personal Q&A
    • Hands on practice with speedlites, modifiers, strobes, transmitter and receivers
    • Scenario set ups (dance floor, portraits, Wedding exit, etc)


Over the course of a full day of teaching we are going to show you how to shoot in manual mode. You will learn how to set all the functions on your camera to get sharp, properly focused, and properly white balanced images.


No more struggling missing that moment of your kids playing or that beautiful sky fading, you will learn everything you need to know to take your photography to the next level.



    • When you sign up for our Grow 2.0 class not only do you get to attend our full day and a half workshop but you will receive some other invaluable items.


    • You will receive all the teaching handouts and notes to help you when you go home to practice.


    • FOOD FOOD and more FOOD.


    • You will have access to our community Grow Workshop Facebook group so that you can connect with other people who have taken the class. In this group you get the support from J+A and others who have taken the class. Here you can have your images critiqued if you wish. It’s also a great place for advice on what to buy, gear to sale, and meet people like you.


    • You will also have a chance to WIN some really great photography prizes on the workshop day.

So what are you waiting for? The only thing that is stopping you from fulfilling your photography dreams is yourself. Just think what you can do with this knowledge. You will never be intimidated by your camera again.